The Perfect Occasions for Listening to Jazz

If jazz is already a big part of your life, then most likely you’re eager to share its unique magic with everybody that you know. However, it can prove difficult to introduce such a complex and divisive artform to people, even if they are open and willing to give it a try.

If you’re not already a jazz fan, then perhaps you’d like to investigate the legendary musical genre, or because you’re close to someone who is a jazz devotee and they’ve sparked an interest in you. Whatever you’re situation, this article is here to advise you on when, where and how to listen to jazz in order to best appreciate its genius, and allow those around you to enjoy it also. After all, there’s a jazz for all seasons and to suit every taste.

Lazy Sunday Morning

One of the most pleasurable times to listen to jazz is on a lazy Sunday morning, with a cup of coffee in bed or sat in a comfortable armchair. With the day stretching out ahead of you and nothing booked into your calendar, it’s the perfect opportunity to soak up every nuance of a jazz composition and surrender yourself completely to the sound. For this type of experience, you want to make sure that the house is quiet and still, and you’re playing music through a decent sound system. Listening to your tinny smartphone speakers in the kitchen, or hiding away from your friends and loved ones inside your headphones is not recommended for this moment with such potential for indulgence and connection.

Summer Garden BBQ

In the summer months when the weather is fine, jazz is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor occasion. Whether that’s a backyard BBQ, sunbathing in the garden, drinks on the patio or even a pool party, jazz music will lend a pleasant, sophisticated air to proceedings. It’s also the perfect opportunity to introduce your favourite artists to a large group of people without them necessarily noticing your intentions. As the music filters out into the summer sunshine, new and old listeners alike will associate their enjoyment of the day with the songs playing as much as anything else. This will create the happy connection between music and good feelings that often forms the strongest bond.

Road Trip

If you’re leaving home over the summer break to go on vacation, to visit friends or relatives, or just to get away and out on the open road, then jazz is the perfect choice for your road trip soundtrack. There is such a wealth of different jazz sounds, artists, and recordings that there is surely something to suit every mood and fit every trip. That same relaxed but compelling ambience that jazz can bring to a summer garden party works just as well when you’re cruising down the highway, with the sun shining and a vacation as your only destination. Even when your holiday is a washout and the weather doesn’t quite match up to expectations, jazz can perk up the mood.

Games Night

Once you’re back at home and looking for an evening’s entertainment, many people decide to host a movie night or games night with friends and loved ones. Playing host means that you get to choose the playlist for the evening, putting you in the perfect position to set the mood with a winning jazz compilation. Although, naturally, the music has to stop when the movie starts, in the case of a games night, the jazz can keep flowing until the dice stop rolling and the cards stop being dealt. In fact, even if you find yourself with an evening off alone, you can still recreate something of the same sophisticated atmosphere that you’d find in a top notch entertainment complex. Whether you’re gearing up to watch a classic movie on Popcornflix, or playing a few traditional table games at PokerStars Casino, you can enjoy the best soundtrack around to your heart’s content.

Cosy Night In

As the colder nights start to roll in, the evening version of a relaxed Sunday morning gradually becomes more and more appealing. It’s so important to create a cosy, safe and enjoyable space in your home where you can wait out the winter. Jazz makes the perfect aural accompaniment to a den, snug, living room or bedroom, providing the ideal background noise for reading, relaxing, crafting and more. It is a non-intrusive yet brilliant artform that simply adds to whichever situation you’re in, rather than taking over completely or being too demanding. There’s a jazz song for every conceivable mood, and you’ll soon find yourself eagerly looking forward to the evening’s jazz session with so much great music to uncover. It’s one particular musical genre that works well even in the middle of the night, aiding a restless mind and soothing sleeplessness.